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Criminal Search

County criminal searches are recommended to protect against workplace violence and employee theft. Accurate Source performs searches of current records directly at local county Superior and Municipal courts.
Criminal Records Searches are researched by our agents. On site court search includes both felony and misdemeanor convictions. All filings are hand searched for quality control and accuracy.

We will obtain a search of at least 7-years dept or further upon request. You are provided with all available details of convictions including charges, offense date, conviction date, disposition and sentence. In most cases, a criminal search is returned to the customer within 12 to 48 hrs elapsed working days of receiving the request. If a record is found on the individual, there may be a delay in turnaround time due to the fact that some records may be archived or may require assistance from the county clerk. Because many public indices contain only pointer information, and the actual records are held and controlled by the clerks, it is typical to expect court delays when researching the possible records.

Federal Criminal Search

Federal Criminal Records are a result of an individual committing a federal crime. Federal crime includes crimes like kidnapping, hijacking a plane and acts like illegal drugs and facilitation of drug trafficking.
Our expert agent of court specialists will obtain federal criminal reports for past 10 years directly from the federal courthouses nationwide. We will receive and provide you with full dispositions and most accurate up to date information. (This is a 'Hand-On' search, no databases are used to access you this information).

Civil Search

Search by Plaintiff, Defendant, Attorney, or Case Number of Superior Court filings of $25,000 or greater. Accurate Source can also search civil municipal court records (cases under $25,000), but does not recommend the search as civil records contain individuals' names only with no other identifiers.

Federal Civil Search

Search of Federal district courts for civil cases involving alleged violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights. Cases may be brought by individuals, companies or governmental entities seeking monetary damages, an injunction, and/or another remedy provided by law. Case information will include will display the party name, case title, the court in which the case is located, case number, filing date, nature of suit and closing date.


Our bankruptcy records search retrieves any personal and commercial bankruptcy records directly from the US bankruptcy courts throughout United States and Canada. Most results are available within 24 hours.

Federal and State Tax Lien

A search is performed in the deed of records in the specific jurisdiction for all state and federal tax liens that are currently open and not released. The statute of limitations is 10 years filed against a specific individual or company. 'Hands On' inclusive search.

County/Provincial Tax Lien

Our lien / judgment search retrieves information from local county jurisdictions and detail civil dismissal, personal and company tax liens, and other related information about it's status directly from the courts throughout United States and Canada. 'Hands On' inclusive search.

Court Document Retrieval

Our regional wide staff and network of court agents are on stand-by to order, view and obtain any court document of any courthouse document throughout United States and Canada per your request. Documents can be ordered as certified copies through the clerk of the court or standard photocopy per page.

USD $2.00 per page (standard photocopy)

USD $10.00 per page (certified photocopy)

National Wants and Warrants

National Wants and Warrants search reports the active warrants, that are outstanding on an individual throughout the country. The report also includes any bail amount imposed by federal and state authorities.

Workers Compensation Report

Worker.s compensation searches are highly recommended in manufacturing and production environments or wherever physical activity such as lifting is part of the job requirement. This information enables employers to avoid placing employees in positions that may pose risk of re-injury and identify habitual claim filers. Workers. Compensation History is a statewide search available in most states, but must be conducted post-offer. The search identifies workers compensation claims against an applicant.s past employers. The history will report the last five (5) events and include case numbers, locations, case status, dates of injury, body parts injured, type of injury, and all party information including lien claimants.

Employment Verification

Past Employment Verification is recommended for all employees. It is approximated that 40% of all resumes and employment applications contain falsified information. Our standard Employment Verification reports the employer.s name, applicant.s title, dates of employment, salary history (upon client.s request), whether they are eligible for rehire, and we ask for additional comments. We also offers an Employment Verification that adds questions about the applicant.s initiative, follow-through, growth potential, organization skills, adaptability and work ethic. Furthermore, the search also reports any available information on the attendance, performance.

Sex Offender Search

A sex offender is typically an individual who has been convicted of a violent sexual crime such as rape, or a sexual offence against a child. Search in detail covers United States and Canada.

Per Megan.s Law, sexual offenders must register when they move. There are currently more than more than 386,000 registered sex offender nationwide. Sexual offender registry searches are statewide searches of registered sex offender at sheriffs office. recommends this search when companies have on-site childcare or other people at risk.

Social Insurance No. Validation

The Social Security Trace checks the validity of an applicant's Social Security Number. If the number is valid, the trace will identify the year and state in which the number was issued. The Social Security Trace will alert you if the number has not been issued, if it was used in a previously filed death claim, or if it was used with any fraudulent activity. The trace also identifies AKA's that have been used and provides up to three (3) past addresses, which help in determining which counties we should search the applicant's criminal record.

For Canadian searches this is referred to as 'Social Insurance Number', and only the Province and validity will be verified.

Marriage License Validation

Verifies the status of marriage license and whether or not it is valid. Dates, county or ordinance issued will also be indicated if available. Covering entire jurisdictions within the United States and Canada.

Professional License Validation

Verifies license status, holder, dates of issuance and expiration through the appropriate licensing board or agency within the United States and Canada. Report is generated within the same day of request.

Deceased Persons Search

Determine if someone is deceased. We search for:

1-Name of the individual and state of residence.

2-Date of birth.

3-Zip code.

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